Save the date – Political History Today: Exploring New Themes

International conference

Political history today: exploring new themes

23 – 24 June 2022, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Five years after successfully taking stock of the “State of the Art in the History of Politics” (The Hague, 2017), this summer, the Association for Political History  (APH) and the Dutch national Research School Political History.  (RSPH/OPG) organize a two-day follow-up conference in Amsterdam to revisit the field and explore new themes in the history of politics.

For one, we urge all historians in the field to join us in a reflection on the concepts, methods, and sources for political history. What is it that we do when we study political history? This reflection will be triggered by three internationally reputed speakers and related roundtables. Confirmed speakers are Hedwig Richter (Universität des Bundeswehr München) and Lucy Riall (European University Institute Florence) and Judith Pollmann (Universiteit Leiden). Next to that, we aim to highlight new and urgent themes that have been introduced to the field over the last couple of years. The conference will stage these new themes in eight panels.

We aim for a conference with a variety of sessions, not just in terms of content, but also in format including roundtables, keynote lectures, posters, laboratories and panels on new themes in political history.

Our conference venue is the Trippenhuis, home of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, in Amsterdam city centre.