This page contains the Call for Papers, Conferences and Job Opportunities from the Political History PhD Newsletter.

The newsletter is a joint effort: we very much welcome news of your recently published articles or books, and forthcoming conferences or anything else of interest for the political history community.

The newsletter is currently edited by Francesco Caprioli (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Valentina Oldrati (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid) and Alexander Collin (University of Amsterdam).

Call for Papers

Conspiracy Theories and Leftwing Populism
ERC Project “Populism and Conspiracy Theory” (PACT)
10-12 March 2022
Deadline: 15 July 2021

Re-examining Empires from the Margins: Towards a New Imperial History of Europe
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München & Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich
22-23 October 2022
Deadline: 15 July 2021

Critique is a Gift – Challenges to Genocide Research
University of Bochum/University of Maastricht
30 September 2022
Deadline: 15 July 2021

European Literatures of Military Occupation 1938-1955
German-Italian Center for European Dialoge
Villa Vigoni, Lake Como
4-7 April 2022
Deadline: 15 July 2021

Natural Catastrophes in the United States – Making Sense of Risks and Vulnerability
University of Heidelberg
30 June – 2 July 2022
Deadline: 20 July 2021

The Global 1922: New Critical Reflections
King’s College, London
31 March 2022
Deadline: 26 July 2021

Wer regiert die Stadt? Politische Repräsentation und sozialer Konflikt in der Frühen Neuzeit
University of Trier
14-15 October 2022
Deadline: 31 July 2021

Errors in Early Modern Diplomacy
University of Oxford
10-11 November 2021
Deadline: 1 August 2021

The British Legal History Conference 
Queen’s University, Belfast
6-9 July 2022
Deadline: 30 August 2021

Towards a Global Intellectual History of an Unequal World, 1945-Today
Aarhus University
10-11 June 2022
Deadline: 31 August 2021

Languages of Diplomacy in the Eighteenth-Century World
German Historical Institute, Moscow
13-14 January 2022
Deadline: 15 September 2021

Verlorener Gründungsmoment – Die Erfurter Union als Ort einer friedlichen Staatswerdung?
University of Jena
27 February-1 March 2023
Deadline: 30 September 2021

Call for Articles, Book Chapters, Contributions

Die Historizität der Demokratie in den arabischen und muslimischen Welten
Deadline: 9 July 2021

Interdisciplinary Medieval History
Nottingham Medieval Studies
Deadline: 31 July 2021

Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Weltsystemtheorie zum Verständnis globaler Ungleichheiten
Deadline: 24 August 2021

Militärmedizin und der Staat (1660−1830)
University of Graz
Deadline: 31 August 2021

Legal History of Austria, the Holy Roman Empire, and European Union
Contributions to Austrian Legal History
Deadline: 1 September 2021

“Recovering Moderation” – Special issue of The European Legacy
The European Legacy
Deadline: 30 September 2021

The Russian Orthodox Church after the post-soviet transition
Religions journal
Deadline: 1 October 2021

Old and New Insights on the History of Intelligence and Diplomacy in the Balkans
Balkan History Association
Deadline: 15 October 2021

Job opportunities & fellowships

Postdoctoral researcher in political economy, global transformation, and anthropology
Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
Deadline: 2 August 2021

Postdoctoral Fellows in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Princeton Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts
Deadline: 3 August 2021

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Environmental Justice Policy
University of Virginia
Deadline: 9 August 2021

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Cambridge
Deadline: 23 August 2021

Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities
University of Pennsylvania, Wolf Humanities Center
Deadline: 15 October 2021

Mandel Postdoctoral Fellows in the Humanities and Jewish Studies
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mandel Scholion Center
Deadline: 9 September 2021

Long-term Fellows
German Historical Institute
Washington D.C.
Deadline: 1 December 2021