Carlotta Sorba

Prof. Dr. Carlotta Sorba is professor in Contemporary European History within the Department of History, Geography and the Ancient world at the University of Padua, Italy.

Since 2012 Sorba is director of the CSC (Interuniversity Center of Cultural History), founded by a convention between the University of Padua, Bologna, Venice, Pisa and Verona.

Her research interests include the cultural history of 19th century Europe, especially the relationship between cultural productions (music, theatre, proto-mass culture), society and politics.

Recent publications are ‘Où en est l’histoire culturelle de l’Italie contemporaine ?’ Revue d’histoire culturelle (2023) 1-26, with F. Archambault and V. Cirefice; Il melodramma della nazione. Politica e sentimenti nell’eta del Risorgimento (Rome: Laterza 2015), which focused on the relationship between melodramatic imagination and national movement in the Italian Risorgimento. The book was awarded the Senior Prize 2016 from the Italian Society of studies on contemporary history.