New: Call For Papers

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Oral History of the Borderlands

Centrum Historii Zajezdnia, Wrocław, 7–8 June 2022
Deadline: 13 February 2022

New Researchers in Maritime History 2022

Chatham Dockyard, 8–9 April 2022
Deadline: 25 February 2022

Unpacking the Bloc: Circulation of Knowledge, Resources, and Practices In Eastern Europe and Beyond

Higher School of Economics, Saint Petersburg, 22–23 April 2022
Deadline: 1 March 2022

Beyond The Truth: Misinformation and Credibility in Early Modern Diplomacy.
Splendid Encounters X. Diplomats and Diplomacy in the Early Modern World

 European University Institute, Florence, 12–14 October 2022
Deadline: 11 March 2022

CfP for the second session of the SISSCO (Società Italiana per lo Studio della Storia Contemporanea) Research Seminar “Italy and the Post-colonial world: Cooperation and Mobility between decolonization and the Cold-War (1960-1989)”

The seminar Italy and its former colonies: Cooperation, mobility, continuities, and criticism will take place at the University of Cagliari, Italy.

Cagliari, 16–18 June 2022
Deadline: 13 March 2022

Pandemics, Public Health, and Statecraft in Twentieth-Century US History

London, 03–04 July 2022
Deadline: 31 March 2022

Experiencing Poverty in the “Affluent Society”: Western Europe and North America in Comparative Perspective

Leibniz Institute of Contemporary History, Munich, 15–16 June 2022
Deadline: 4 April 2022

Prevenzione e repressione del brigantaggio: teorie, norme, pratiche

Teramo, Italy, 23–25 November 2022
Deadline: 4 April 2022