Global Perspectives: a new interdisciplinary journal on global questions

University of California Press launches a new journal called Global Perspectives. It is interdisciplinary and at the same time endorses disciplinary roots and routes to tackle larger global questions. For political historians the journal is an opportunity to publish with a leading press, to reach a large, global readership and to make their voices heard by colleagues not only from other countries, but other disciplines as well. Yet interdisciplinary academic writing and thinking, for Global Perspectives, is not a dogma to be realised in each article or contribution, but rather defined by mutual respect and interest, seen as various ways of addressing shared questions. 

The journal

Every author is invited to focus on her and his strength. The editorial board will be in close dialogue with each author and a double-blind peer review will ensure academic excellence and integrity. Because of its online-only nature, the journal is able to invite Comments and Annotations for chosen articles and to build thematic threads and clusters across each of its eight sections. Publishing with UC Press and with Global Perspectives means reaching your in-group peers and reaching out to global readers and new peers at the same time.

Politics, Governance and the Law

I have the pleasure to edit the section on ‘Politics, Governance and the Law’ and am mostly interested in contributions that cover ‘the long twentieth century’, which runs from the late nineteenth century up until today. As one of the members of my editorial board, our former president, Marc Lazar, kindly collaborates with me on this.

Submit your contribution

The journal invites authors to send ideas and contributions to the section editors at their convenience. We are an online-only journal and do not function according to issues or special issues. Global Perspectives publishes ten (and more) articles in each section every year and authors are invited to approach the editors any time.

For further information, please see

I look forward to your input and to making as many excellent papers ready for a global audience as possible!

Hagen Schulz-Forberg, Aarhus University