The Association for Political History (APH) aims to strengthen international cooperation in the field of education and research, thus promoting the quality of research. Furthermore, the APH will provide high-quality training opportunities for PhD candidates and advanced students pursuing Masters’ degrees in Political History.

While the APH was inaugurated as a European initiative, it will develop an international profile.

The Association defines Political History broadly and wishes to be inclusive, incorporating, amongst others, the History of Institutions, Parties, Public Policies, Political Cultures and Political Ideas. The APH welcomes historians working from different perspectives, such as, for instance, Transnational History or Gender Studies.

An important activity of the APH is the organization of annual conferences. In 2017, the fifth annual APH Conference will be hosted by Jyväskylä University, Finland. In 2018 the host will be SciencesPo Paris, France, and in 2019 King’s College London. Joint educational initiatives will be taken as well as activities to facilitate the publication of the work of (young) historians.

2014 APH Leiden image3

The Association for Political History has been created in September 2014 at the Leiden International Conference for Political History (4-6 September 2014, Leiden, the Netherlands