2018 Paris

6th International PhD Conference | Sciences Po, Paris, 20–22 June 2018

The sixth annual conference of APH will be organized at Sciences Po, Paris, France from Wednesday June 20th to Friday afternoon June 22th 2018. The APH invites PhD students from the participating institutions to apply to introduce their dissertation for comments from their peers and senior scholars from the member universities as well as by external commentators and keynote speakers.

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Provisional programme

Wednesday 20 June

2.00-3.00 pm: Registration, Salle Jean Monnet, 56 rue Jacob, Paris 6ème

3.00-5.00 pm: Parallel panels

Panel 1: Transnational political Mobilizations

  • Joshua Leung, Sciences Po ,“The Quai d’Orsay under Raymond Poincaré, 1922-1924: the mediator of a transnational campaign against the introduction of numerous clausus in Poland”
  • Jenny Gustafsson, Södertörn University, “Soldiers as Cosmopolitans in the Swedish World Citizen Movement, 1948-1968”

Panel 2: Power and Public Opinion

  • Lauren Lauret, Leiden University, “Continuity of meeting practices in the Dutch States General, 1750-1850”,
  • Maeva Le Roy, EUI-Florence, “Shaping ‘l’esprit public’ in an Imperial Context: Anthropology of an Administrative Category in Napoleonic Italy”,

5.00 pm: Coffee break

5.30-7.00 pm: Lecture by Prof. Jenny Andersson, “The future of the world. Futurology: Futurists and the struggle for the Cold War imagination” Salle de Conférences

7.30: Hall of the building René Rémond, 13 rue de l’Université, Paris 7ème

Buffet, with the participation of the Heads of three French Think Tanks (Fondation Jean Jaurès, Fondation pour l’Innovation Politique, Institut Montaigne). Free discussion on two topics: “What are Think Tanks are expecting from History and Historians? Do the Historians can find a job inside Think Tanks?”

Thursday 21 June

9.00-11.30 am: Parallel panels

Panel 1: Political Power and Industrial strategies

  • Tom Kelsey, King’s College, “Industrial Strategy and the limits of economic liberalism under Thatcher”
  • Sara Venditi, Luiss-Guido Carli, “European Independence in Air and Space. European Fighter Aircraft and Ariane”

Panel 2: Political Leaders and their Representations

  • Frédéric Spillemaeker, EHESS-Casa de Velazquez, “Caribbean Caudillos: Plebeian Leaders against the Republic?”
  • Lauri Niemistö, University of Jyvaskyla, “Reformed Images: Changing Representations of Two leading ministers in British and German Cartoons, 1908-1913”

11.30: Coffee break

11.45 am-1.00 pm: First round table on the History of Political Ideas: Alain Chatriot, Julian Wright, Stephen Sawyer Salle de Conférences

1.00-2.30 pm: Lunch (buffet)

2.30-4.30 pm : Parallel panels

Panel 1: Soviet Policy

  • Jari Parkkinen, University of Jyvaskyla, “The Conceptual Development of the Early Soviet Music and Cultural Politics: The Dialogical Perspective”
  • Anna Shapolova, Sciences Po, “Soviet show Trials as an instrument of economic bargaining with capitalist countries”

Panel 2: Politics in Europe

  • Teresa Malice, Bielefeld University-University of Bologne, “Italian “Red” Towns and the GDR. Cold War Communist Twinning as a Vehicle of Administrative Knowledge Exchange
  • Mitya Pearson, King’s College, “The Origins, Formation and Early Development of the Green Party in the UK, 1973-1979”

4.45-5.00 pm: Coffee break

5.00-6.30 pm: Second round table with heads of Think Tanks: “The Crisis of Political Parties: Towards new forms of representation?” Salle de Conférences

6.45-8.00 pm: Meeting of the PhD students Salle de Conférences

From 8.30 pm: Dinner in a restaurant and “fête de la musique” (in the city of Paris)

Friday 22 June

9.00-12.30: Parallel panels

Panel 1: Law and Repression

  • Stefano Poggi, EUI Florence, “Security Cards: Materializing Suspicion in Napeolonic Italy”
  • Margarita Kolesnikova, University of Jena, “Persecuted science in the 20 th Century”
  • Femi Owolade, King’s College, “British Colonialism and the Politics of Law in Kano Emirate, 1901-1914”

Panel 2: Politics and Army

  • Jennifer Byers, King’s College, “Opponents of all sides: depoliticisation in the Austrian army in the interwar period”
  • Katrin M. Heilmann, King’s College, “Revolutionary State-Building: Political Work in the Chinese People’s Militia”
  • Wietse Stam, Leiden University, “Soldier or Diplomat? The Strategy of UN peacekeeping in Cambodia”

12.30-1.00 pm: Conclusion Salle de Conférences

1.00-2.30 pm: Lunch (buffet)

2.30-3.30 pm:  APH Board Meeting Salle du Traité