Call for Papers

The Pursuit of Legitimacy. Power and its manifestations in political history
25-26 October 2018, Leiden University, the Netherlands

The Political History PhD Network invites you to submit a proposal for the fourth annual workshop for PhD students in Political History!

Deadline 1 April 2018.

call for papers

Previous workshops

The Changing Frontiers of Political History, 16th-20th Centuries
26-27 October 2017, Sciences Po Paris
Workshop programme | Workshop report
Organisation: Alexandre Boza, Alessandro Capone, Laurent Cuvelier & Thomas Maineult 

Rethinking Continuity and Change in Early Modern and Modern Political History
16-17 December 2016, Warwick University, UK
Workshop programme | Workshop report
Organisation: Alessandro Capone, Thomas Maineult, Frederik Frank Sterkenburgh & Anne Petterson

Understanding Political History in and beyond the Nation State
22-23 October 2015, Leiden University, the Netherlands
Workshop programmeWorkshop report
Organisation: Elisabeth Dieterman, Anne Heyer & Anne Petterson